CASE STUDY: The Repositioning of Reflection Bay Property


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The Field Experience is a Daytime MBA course that offers the opportunity for real-world business experience. As part of the course, you'll participate in a field project with a small group of students, giving you the chance to collaborate with senior management in analyzing and solving a live business problemacquiring the type of high level and meaningful experience for which employers are looking

The following case study highlights a Field Experience project on which four students collaborated.



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Student Highlights


Students met with the Executive Vice President of Raintree Investment Corp., Patrick Parker, weekly to review project objectives, give status updates, and address next steps, introducing them to the dynamic pace of real business workflows and processes

They travelled to the property in Lake Las Vegas to meet with Reflection Bay employees, evaluate the property, and familiarize themselves more fully with the business

They solved problems related to digital marketing, brand experience, creative strategy, and more by working in a group of four and leveraging their different skills and experience

Students increased their potential for future employment opportunities by creating professional connections with senior management at Raintree Investment Corp. and widening their professional network

They acquired resume-building experience and skills by doing competitive analysis, crafting audience user stories, administering a digital audit, creating a website prototype, and presenting their findings to senior management

They were given the opportunity to test and uncover their interests and passions in a real-world setting, helping them shape and achieve their career goals after graduation

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The Project Result

Students presented their findings and suggestions for repositioning Reflection Bay to senior management at Raintree Investment Corp., which included the following:


A revamped social media strategy


Creative ideas to incorporate experiential marketing on the property


A prototype of a new website for Reflection Bay which the students designed and built themselves


A non-profit initiative called the “Reflection Foundation,” designed to grow both the Reflection Bay community as well as its neighboring, lower-income communities


A new phone app for the property’s 320 Club to promote greater engagement and ease-of-use for scheduling golf tee-times, registering for workout classes, staying up to date on events, and more

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"I really enjoyed my field experience project. It not only gave me great real-world experience, but helped me realize I want to do product and brand management."


Christian Martinez

Class of '15
Daytime MBA Student of the Year Winner

“The small size of the students’ group really allowed them to learn a lot about real-world business. Unlike a classroom that offers a controlled environment, this was real-life and demanded flexibility and a willingness to think from multiple angles about the business."


Patrick Parker

Executive Vice President,
Raintree Investment Corp.


Project members collaborated with Raintree Investment Corp. to help reposition their client Reflection Bay. Reflection Bay is a high-end, 320-acre residential resort community nestled against Lake Las Vegas and home to a world-class golf course, 32,000-square-foot clubhouse, luxurious hotels and homes, and many other amenities.

Project members were tasked with repositioning Reflection Bay as a property only known for its Signature Series golf course into a primary home community that appeals to families for its lifestyle and family offerings through competitive market analysis and marketing and branding strategies.

Project Consultants such as Andrew Regehr (Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton) and Ryan Sisson (Vice President, Business Development, Fifty & Fifty) were invited to speak to students in their Field Experience class about real-world consulting experience. Project members also met with an academic advisor to coach and mentor them as they worked on the project.

Watch Daytime MBA student Christian Martinez and Raintree Executive Pat Parker talk about their experience.


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Phone: (619) 563-2856

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