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Apply your individual strengths and skill sets through a full suite of education degrees, credentials, and authorizations.

Benefit from a quality program that’s not only more affordable but designed for a faster time to degree. Earn your degree online or at one of our Southern California campuses. 

Graduate from a program with a strong community reputation and many engagement opportunities in our local districts.

Uncovering your own passion.




PLNU Adult Degree Completion Programs.



At Point Loma Nazarene University, we not only want to help you move into the next stage in your educational journey but become more of who you are called to be along the way. It’s the reason our School of Education offers almost every degree, credential, and specialization, in a program that’s both more affordable and faster to complete. Now, whether you want to be a teacher or a counselor, trainer, or administrator, you have the freedom to discover your specific skills as an educator — and the means to apply them.  

Explicitly addressing the needs of English learners and special education students with a differentiated curriculum is a top priority for all faculty in the School of Education. All program graduates leave PLNU with special competency in addressing these priorities. Such skills equip PLNU alumni to better serve students as well as be more marketable job candidates.

Join a program that is known as one of the most esteemed producers of educational professionals.



Equipping, Transforming, and Empowering Educators

Built to Support You

Whether you’re wanting to advance as a teacher with your certification, gain added authorizations, or take the next step in your career with your master's degree in education or teaching, PLNU helps you discover your path forward in your calling to educate.

Choose the Best Program for You

Masters Programs

Our six different master’s degree programs are designed to prepare you to advance your career in education based on your goals. Choose from School Counseling, Teaching, Special Education, and more.

Credential Programs

Earn a credential by itself or as part of our Master's program to gain the skills and the credential you need to live out your calling to teach.

Added Authorizations

Learn the principles and skills that support students with special needs, adapted physical education, reading and writing literacy needs and more to expand your classroom reach in our California Commission on Teacher Credentialing approved program.

Both our asynchronous online programs and in-person classes are built to simultaneously support your education and lifestyle. Earn your degree, credential, or added authorization on a schedule that works best for you.

Convenience to Fit Your Life

Choose Your Track

You can earn a Master of Arts or a Master of Science graduate degree based on your future plans. The Master of Arts track requires a final action research project that integrates your education with a field-based project (a thesis is not required). The Master of Science track prepares you for future scholarship – providing a direct pathway into the proposed PLNU Ed.D. doctoral program –and requires a thesis project.

Through our expansive network, we have the ability to place all of our students –including online students outside of Southern California– in local district partnerships. These district-based programs include highly relevant applied fieldwork and practicum experiences that count towards your credential hours and reading workshops.

You’ll have access to: professional development opportunities, career counselors, financial services counselors who will help you qualify for California's TEACH or Golden State Teacher grants, as well as free access to California Teachers Summit and four-day preparation courses for the CBEST.

The Importance of Educators

You are called to help shape the minds of future generations. California is set to continue hiring teachers over the coming years at a pace not seen in over a decade. Currently, the job market for teachers is expected to grow by at least 7-8% for elementary, middle, high school, and special education teachers in the next 10 years (faster than the average job growth rate).

Lean on a Vast Network of Educational Leaders

Point Loma Nazarene University is proud to uphold a reputation for excellence in our community that includes forging lifelong connections with educators and education leaders throughout the state of California. These relationships are excellent resources for you to tap into for mentorship opportunities, connections, and networking. In addition, our faculty members are known for staying in touch and continuing to mentor students even after graduation. Joining our Education Associates alumni network will give you even more opportunities to stay connected as you advance in your career.

A Trusted Accredited Program

This program is approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and meets the requirements for educator certification in the state of California, where Point Loma Nazarene University is physically located.

PLNU’s accreditations and district partnerships mean your degree will come from a university that’s well-known and respected in the community.

Fulfilling the Call

See how PLNU School of Education student Azucena found her life’s work in building meaningful relationships with her students.